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Einfach machen by Katharina M. Katz

Updated: May 16, 2020

Do you have an awesome business idea? It may come as a flash of inspiration or something you've been dreaming about for years and you’re intent on getting it off the ground. Some ideas settle down and you start thinking: Could I make it?

The truth is I dream about starting my business. The cool thing is, I already have a great business idea (well, I think it is a great idea). Okay let me correct, my soulmate and hopefully future business partner think we have a great business idea.

We are in no hurry – we are not planning to open our business in the next months. We work on our business plan for almost two years already and it’s fun. In the beginning, even the number of steps involved in writing a proper business plan seemed daunting. From defining our target market to marketing and finance plan – we had to figure a lot of things out and we still do. We agreed on gaining some work experience first and to constantly educate ourselves on the topic of entrepreneurship and leadership. Let’s say by reading entrepreneurship books we create and cultivate on the way to independence.

“Einfach machen” by Katahrina Marisa Katz is one of several entrepreneurship books I read. It is an inspiring and modern guidebook for female founders. In it more than 20 female founders explain how they managed to successfully put their idea into practice. It covers success stories and failures. Every single step, from the difficult beginnings to the creative development of initial ideas to the concept, the business plan, financing and marketing – the founders give numerous expert tips and tricks. Each chapter covers an important set-up phase, discusses the highs and lows and explains where to find help and support. The following bullets give you an impression on the topics this book covers:

1. From the idea to the concept

2. The business plan

3. The importance of the right name

4. Pitch Perfect

5. Funding

6. How to start a company

7. Let’s get digital

8. The look: visual language, logo and design

9. The power of PR and marketing

10. How and where do I want to work?

11. Self and constant

12. From failure and rising again

The author does an excellent job in pointing out some of the most important creative, financial and legal conditions that may appear. To sum up, this book provides a lot of practical checklists, clear instructions, informative graphics and useful addresses. From how to write a comprehensive business plan, to crowdfunding and logo design.

Whether if you think about opening a shop, an agency, or an online shop - this guide for women entrepreneurs is inspired by doers and shakers and encourages you to put your business idea into practice. The visual representation of the book, the broad range of topics discussed and the inspiring success stories of 20 female founders made the book very entertaining and enjoyable to read. Yet, it doesn’t go into depth. It is not a comprehensive guide to figure every step out towards business creation but it delivers great inputs and incentives for future founders.

I would recommend this book for those who are thinking about starting a business and already have a rough idea. This book will help you to discover what you already have to offer, who your audience should be, and how to accelerate your success. And BTW reading is a crucial part of becoming an entrepreneur. Read it, pick up some learnings and tips, and take a giant step toward making your entrepreneurial dreams come true.

About the author:

Katharina Marisa is a doer herself. She is self-employed as a Creative Consultant for around four years now. She has specialized in the food sector and develops new formats for online magazines and blogs and helps with content strategy, planning and implementation.

Favourite quote:

But in the end, you alone are responsible for what your independence looks like.

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