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LEADING WOMEN by Nancy D. O'Reilly

Even in 2021, our image of leadership is still masculine infused. While we as women have accomplished much in just a few decades, we as a whole still do not exercise power in ways that are equal to men’s. Nowadays women have the necessary resources and the power to move forward, and the world is crying out for women’s leadership! So ladies, stop waiting around for the career and life that you deserve – the time is up, start taking the reins!

As the author of this book, Nancy D. O’Reilly claims:

Let's create a world in which every woman can claim her power, see her advice and expertise valued and respected, conquer her internal barriers, and work together with other women and men.

Cheers to that, Nancy! Leading Women deals with the research question of what are the keys women must acquire if they are to unlock their power and create a better world. Within this book, twenty female leaders provide real-life advice and tools for making your voice heard and for gaining the respect and opportunities you need to claim your rightful place, shape your life, provide for your family, and invent a better society.

As the twenty fantastic women in this book state, it’s okay to feel the fear but SAY IT ANYWAY. Let's be proactive, girls! Embrace every opportunity to speak up, say the first word, and don't forget to also say the last word.

When I changed my mindset and walked with confidence that my resources will be there, everything fell into place at the right time. What I learned is when you walk with fear rather than faith, it becomes a self-limiting mindset that stops you from becoming the best you. When you shift to the faith mindset, pieces fall into place even though you have not worked out the “how” yet. Think about the bigger picture. It may not be entirely about you but about a series of events that include you as you pursue a much bigger mission”.

As Lois P. Frankel’s, one of the female leaders' in this book states, there are 8 key ways how women become natural and necessary leaders which impact companies, communities, families, and the world. This was my favorite part of the book - so I'm going to share them with you:

  1. Sit at the table (Side note: Don't hide in the corner)

  2. Get to the point (Side note: Don't beat about the bush)

  3. Get in the risk game - jump in the debate (Side note: Don't overthink, just do it)

  4. Think strategically, but act tactically

  5. Resist perfectionism

  6. Volunteer to make informal and formal presentations (Side note: Practice is the key to success)

  7. Solicit 360-Degrees Feedback

  8. Consciously build your leadership brand

Read - Reflect and don't forget to implement them! I recommend this book to every aspiring leader - you'll not regret reading it. It's the third time that I read this book - I think this says everything about how much I liked it. This book is filled with empowerment, real-life experiences, intelligence, and fantastic female leaders. In conclusion:

All the power in the world means nothing unless we use it to help others. If you wish a community to recover and rebuild, you must empower the women and girls, because it is on their shoulders that responsibility rests.

About the author:

Nancy D. O’reilly, PSYD, is a clinical psychologist, motivational speaker, and women-empowerment expert who devotes her energies to helping women improve their self-esteem. For seven years, she has also interviewed inspiring women for her online podcast on

My favourite quote:

Do not let yourselves be silenced. Women, it is time to power up. Be ready. Take charge of the conversation. Use these tools to be heard and build the credibility you deserve.

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