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The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins. Transform your life, work, and confidence with everyday courage.

Every single day we face moments that are difficult, uncertain, and scary. Day-to-day we try so hard to be better than our excuses and bigger than our fears. Luckily we’re not alone along our journey. We have parents, coaches, teachers, friends and mentors who try to push us – sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesn’t. But what if the secret to having the confidence and courage to enrich our life and work is simply knowing how to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and straight to the next level?

Life requires courage and confidence – I’m sure we all agree on that. By using the science of habits, riveting stories and surprising facts from some of the most famous moments in history, art and business, Mel Robbins – the author of the 5 Second Rule will explain the power of a “push moment.”

“Courage is the ability to do things that feel difficult, scary, or uncertain. It isn’t reserved for just a chosen few. Courage is a birthright. It’s inside all of us. And it’s waiting for you to discover it. One moment of courage can change your day. One day can change your life. And one life can change the world.”

Mel explains one simple rule you can use that will help you become your greatest self – and it takes five ridiculous seconds. Sounds lovely! But how does this rule work? Exactly like this …

“The moment you have an instinct to act on a goal you must count 5-4-3-2-1 and physically move or your brain will stop you.”

So whenever you want to snooze your alarm – you’re not sure if you should speak up in an important meeting – or whenever you want to talk with the cute guy on the bar to name a few examples – don’t think too much, just count 5-4-3-2-1 and move!

This rule embraces 5 seconds to push yourself to:

  • Become more confident

  • Break the habit of procrastination and self-doubt

  • Beat fear and uncertainty

  • Stop worrying and feel happier

  • Share your ideas with courage

Long story short; The 5-Second Rule is a simple, one-size-fits-all solution for the one problem we all face— holding ourselves back.

Unsurprisingly – I thought it’s a joke, at least in the beginning. Even though the social media posts that appear throughout this book seemed real (they are real btw). I was extremely skeptical unless I tried it one morning. My alarm rang I thought about snoozing – but my brain started working… Still half asleep I started counting and before I got to 1 I moved my body and got up.

This book is not the best I’ve ever read but I liked the motivational sequences in it as well as the real-life examples. It’s impressive what people used the rule for and how they succeeded.

So my advice: You should give it a try. Why? Because you have nothing to lose but you can win a lot. The rule could wake up the inner genius, leader, rock star, athlete, artist, and change agent inside of you. So give it a shot - NOW!

“When it comes to goals, dreams, and changing your life, your inner wisdom is a genius. Your goal-related impulses and instincts are there to guide you. You need to learn to bet on them. You will never know when your greatest inspiration will strike and where that discovery will lead you if you trust yourself enough to act on it. “

Check out this book here.

About the author:

Mel Robbins is a renowned motivational and keynote speaker, a CNN legal and social commentator, the creator of The 5 Second Rule, and a best-selling author. Go check out her TEDx talk, How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over.

My favourite quote:

Life is amazing. And then it’s awful. And then it’s amazing again. And in between the amazing and the awful, it’s ordinary and mundane and routine. Breathe in the amazing, hold on through the awful, and relax and exhale during the ordinary. That’s just living. Heartbeaking, soul-healing, amazing, awful, ordinary life. And it’s breathtakingly beautiful.

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