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You are Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

Updated: May 14, 2020

How many times have you struggled with money? How many times have you been broke?

The truth is I struggled a lot with money. Why? Mainly because I started studying right after college, I traveled a lot and to be honest, I haven’t missed a party (yep...G&Ts all night long). I’ve always worked while I was studying but still, I was living on the edge for months. Everything involved in my growth, pursuit of happiness and self-expression cost money.

We’re ashamed if we don’t have it, we’re even more ashamed to admit we want it, we will do things/people we’re not nuts about in order to get it.”

I had some weird feelings about money and what it means to be wealthy. Just like Jen I was so freaking sick of being broke, of feeling trapped – damn it, the time was right to change something.

This entertaining and inspiring book by Jen Sincero is all about understanding yourself, your money and the relationship between the two. “You are Badass at Making Money” is a step-by-step guide about figuring out what you want, how you’re going to get it and having the resolve to make it happen. Overcoming your blocks, pushing past your fears and starting to make some serious money. Because the real question is: Who wouldn’t want to be Badass as well as wealthy?

Sincero’s book underlines that financial abundance is an inside job – it all begins with our mindset. Throughout each chapter, she explains how your attitude influences your ability to succeed and how you can achieve a healthy relationship with money. This book is a little bit sarcastic, a little get your ass into gear, and a whole lot relatable.

I loved this book right at the beginning. Sincero writes...

“If you’re ready to make money, you can. I don’t care how many times you’ve tried and failed or if you’re so broke you’re selling your bodily fluids for bus fares…”.

It seems to be a strange coincidence but I was reading this book on my way from Tyrol to Copenhagen by bus, right after donating plasma to earn some extra money. Funny, isn’t it? If you want to know why the hell…because I was broke but I wanted to visit my South African roommate in Copenhagen (Honey, I love you!). Two months later I moved to Vienna, started my first full-time job and finally took control over my bank account. I definitely can’t say that this book was the reason for my transformation but it helped me to stop playing a victim to circumstances and to relate to money in a new (and lucrative) way.

This book is the place to start if you’re looking to create a vision for your life. Fact is:

“You are not meant to just survive, to stay stagnant, to settle; you are meant to keep growing and thrive”. Why? Because as Jen said,

“Our world, now more than ever, needs as many compassionate, creative, bighearted, conscious people to be as rich as possible so we can turn this mother around.”

So if you are ready to not feel gross about money anymore, with actionable steps you can take to create a healthy space for wealth in your life while, incidentally, learning a lot about how you feel in the other realms of your life as well, then you should probably pick up this book. There’s no shame in doing it for the money. You can do it for financial freedom so that you can give yourself and your loved ones the life that you all truly deserve. Therefore, I recommend this book to worriers, doubters, small thinkers, naysayers and chronic money complainers who need a good kick up in their ass to get out of their misery. I know this book costs money, money you probably don’t have at the moment, but let’s be honest we all know that every single book, especially this one, makes you richer (cheesy, I know).

About the author:

Jen Sincero is an American New York Times bestselling author, speaker and success coach. Sincero, herself, was perpetually broke well into her 40s. At which time, she decided to tackle her mental blocks around money and her own ability to attract it, earn it, and keep it.

My favourite quote:

"People will spend lifetimes slogging it out in “secure” jobs they hate, staying in relationships with people they don’t like rather than risk being alone, never spending money on anything fun in order to save it for a rainy day, meanwhile we are flying through outer space in an infinite Universe on a planet prone to earthquakes and plagues and ice ages".

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